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​Natural Childbirth Education Classes in American Fork 

The Bradley Method® - $350

Custom/Refresher Course - $195

  • ​4 week review for couples who have already had at least one baby

Doula Dad/Comfort Measures Class - $50

  • This 3 hour class is designed to help prepare you and your birth support team for relaxation during your birth.  
  • We will cover several aspects of relaxation including physical, mental, and emotional relaxation and how they all interrelate during your pregnancy and birthing time. 

Infant Massage - $75

  • ​This 3 week class will teach both parents all about bonding with their baby through infant massage.  
  • You will learn the proper, evidence-based strokes and techniques for the most comfort for you and your baby.
  • You will learn the benefits of infant massage and how it helps improve many health conditions as well.

Maidens by His Design - $85 

  • ​​This five week class will help girls, 8 and up, and their mothers, understand how their bodies were created to function without fear and confusion.

Topics Covered

  • Basic female reproductive organs
  • Hormones
  • Cycle length
  • History and various cultural information
  • Tools and gear
  • How to celebrate womanhood in a Godly manner
  • How to take thoughts captive
  • How to erase a spirit of fear
  • How to learn about herbs that are helpful for that time of the month
  • Good nutrition, and more!

​Men are that they might have joy!  

Women are that they might have joyful births!